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Dead Space 2 – Review

5 Feb

Dead Space 2

Publisher: EA
Developer: Visceral Games
Release: January 28th, 2011
Platforms: PC, 360, PS3

I have but one word for this game. AWESOME. Dead Space 2 by EA/Visceral Games is definitely a masterpiece in the world of survival horror games. Picking up three years after the events on USG Ishimura, Isaac Clarke awakens to find himself in The Sprawl, a space station which is orbiting around Titan (Saturn’s moon).

There are very few changes between Dead Space 2 and the original Dead Space, minor tweaks with the characters movements (It’s less stiff now) but overall the game mechanics remain unchanged. The atmosphere is done incredibly well, always keeping you on edge as you move about in the game. As in the original, the game is very linear, but the pacing of the game is done so well that it is barely noticeable or considered a negative for the game.

There are a considerable amount of moments in the game which just leave you in pure jaw dropping awe, whether at the graphical beauty of the game, or the heart-pounding non-stop action of many of the action sequence scenes which occur randomly.

Dead Space 2 Pic 1

In Dead Space 2, the events that occured on USG Ishimura have severely haunted Isaac to the point of having hallucinations. The thing’s he experienced, especially seeing his girlfriend die, have driven him mad. The internal struggle that Isaac Clarke goes through in Dead Space 2, adds to the haunted atmosphere of the game.

In conclusion, Dead Space 2 is definitely a great start for gaming in the year 2011. Visceral has done an excellent job on improving the things that were negatives in the original game, such as making combat more slicker and more accurate, and also making the story flow a little better.

Rating: 9/10



Hello Gaming World!

30 Jan

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