Sony Unveils Playstation “NGP”

1 Feb

Playstation NGP

Sony has finally unveiled it’s latest project, the Playstation “NGP” – which is it’s temporary name for this next-gen PSP. This device is jam packed full of technological goodies, and no doubt will provide a great experience for it’s users. It’s new sleek design is definitely an eye catcher, but will the NGP be an over-hyped gadget? Keep on reading, as I list out some of the known specifications of the Playstation NGP!

Battery Life

Sony has stated that the Playstation NGP will have comparable battery life to the current PSP and that users can expect an equal amount of battery life, if not more. Many estimates state that the device will have around a four to five hour battery life.


CPU – ARM Cortex a9 Core
GPU – SGX543MP4+
Dimensions – Approx. 182 x 18.6 x 83.5mm
Sound – Built in stereo and microphone

Controls, Screen & Games

The Playstation NGP will use a small flash based memory card in order to load/play games. This flash based memory card will definitely help with battery life as the UMD cards from the previous PSP devices were known for eating the battery. The NGP has a large 16:9, 5″ OLED touch screen display and has a 960×544 resolution. Another unique feature with the NGP is it’s touch pad on the BACK of the device which will offer new control experiences. The NGP also features TWO analog sticks (instead of the normal one), and the normal directional pad and action buttons. For motion control, the NGP contains an accelerometer, a compass, and a three-axis gyroscope.

Playstation NGP 2


The price of the Playstation NGP is a tricky topic, as there are many speculations as to what it could be. As Nintendo has recently announced that it’s 3DS will sell for $249.99, many are estimating that the Playstation NGP will also be in the same price range.



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